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What our community says...
“I’m having a lot of stress, because I’m waiting for my Home Office application almost five years. I’ve been through a lot and because of my mental health, I’m stressed, so I joined this group – it’s cathartic, and I can release my stress.”
“They encourage me, they cherish me. I see myself – am I so special for people to cherish me?”
“[In this group] You will build yourself up as a human, as a woman, you will get strong. You will build up your personality, you feel free. All [the women] are strong, they’ve been through a lot of problems, but they talk about it – and I think OK, they’ve passed their problems, so I also can do it.”
“The group is helping me already because I’m out of my house, my daughter is away with childcare, I can relax and be myself for a few hours. It’s a really special space that MamaSuze is giving us.”
“Sometimes when I’m at home, I think about the silly games we do here, and that makes me smile or laugh.”
"I don't know how to describe being here, I always feel like I am carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders, sometimes it's too much to bear. Today in this room, I felt like I could let that weight go."
“I like what we share – it’s so valuable. We share experiences. I can learn how another woman copes with a situation, another one can learn from me. We are learning.” 
“Here they encourage me as a mother, they look after my son for me – that’s so amazing. They say ‘don’t worry, you’re a mum, you’re doing a good job for your son.”
“It’s a busy life, especially when you’ve had kids - you may not have time for you. You come to this group – you see friends, enjoy the activities, make yourself happy, your stress is gone.”
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